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REMOS provides real-time, predictive, in-situ rock-stress monitoring and analysis for underground mines.

Stress induced failures are dangerous

REMOS predict’s rock-mass events based on stress buildups in the surrounding rock mass. The data is collected and analysed in real time to make predictions for safer underground working environments, better mine planning and to avoid any collateral damages. Hence, improving safety, productivity and profitability.

REMOS intelligent algorithm makes it possible to see where the rock is collapsing even before the event occurs. This situational awareness gives the opportunity to plan beforehand, resulting more ore out of the mine with confidence, increasing the production level significantly.

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REMOS is a system for induced rock stress monitoring
  • Prediction of rock mass events
  • Prediction of rock failure
  • Evaluation of stope scheduling scenario
  • Monitoring of rock mass behaviour
  • Definition of hazardous areas
  • Selection of suitable ground reinforcement
  • Traffic light system for hazard monitoring
  • Increased safety of mine personnel
  • Definition of restricted areas


rock-stress analysis
for deep mines

Main features


Our team doesn’t just collect, analyse and report rock stress data. We also help you to utilize the data as a part of your decision-making toolbox.


Our system can scale to cover the whole mine or it can be targeted to a specific location that is at the highest risk, or where the safety is most important.

Flexible hardware

We can utilize data from existing hardware to measure rock-stress, but also deliver new installations with our hardware partners.

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