Call for data

Validation is very important for us. Our team has gone through a very encouraging path this far towards confirming that the REMOS algorithm is capable of predicting future events in underground mines based on stress buildups data. Thus far we have done simulations, tests at the Aalto test tunnel, and most importantly work with a large deep mine operation for providing us necessary data to run and test our algorithm. 

However, this is not enough for truly understanding different rock conditions and other mine specific situations. We are aiming towards a universally working and accepted solution for controlling stress-induced failures.

The Stress data collected by any kind of measuring instrument e.g strain gauge sensors, extensometers, vibrating wire sensors, optical strain gauges can be processed by REMOS code to get the rock stress analysis and prediction data. 

We would like you to provide us with historical data from your mine. This data would be analyzed and run through the REMOS code. Later the results will be provided and validated to/with you. Hopefully, our analysis and prediction data will be beneficial and helpful for you in a better understanding of stress buildup, underground mine planning, or any stress-related issue you have historically faced in your mine.

The team will establish a startup surrounding the invention from the beginning of 2021, giving you the opportunity to benefit your mining business from state of the art futuristic technology by buying REMOS system, services, and consultation. 

REMOS is an Aalto University-based research project, capable of predicting future events in underground mines based on stress buildups data in surrounding rock mass, using REMOS intelligent algorithms. Besides this, REMOS provides real-time rock stress monitoring and analysis. The only team able to do in-situ rock stress monitoring on a wide-scale.